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Finally are decent and free Adobe Photoshop replacement

A company called Pixlr.com is offering a interesting Web application that in many ways could be consider a replacement for photoshop.
But I must qualify this statement by saying it is “a photoshop replacement or killer” if you require only the basic of what most web producer
a looking for.

Pixlrs online editor can  easily common handle tasks like cropping,  re-sizing,  lasso,  shapes,  text, eraser etc. The interface is similar to photoshop requires very little in terms of learning where things are. In many respects it reminds me of earlier versions of  like Photoshop 7.

Below is a screen shot of what to expect at Pixlr free service. Also worth try is the plugin for firefox it makes taking screenshots of longer web pages very easy plus allows you to select visible portion of the screen.

Pixlr Screen

From more information visit  www.pixlr.com this web site is great.